Atom is free.
Visual Studio Code is free.
Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate is $500 per year.

Atom has Teletype.
Visual Studio / Code has LiveShare.
Jetbrains IntelliJ has "Can you send me over the file and I'll try to figure out the issue without any sort of context?"

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    And it's free for students and open source projects
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    Also IDE vs texteditor
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    @okkimus exactly! The text editor has MORE features.

    Also... Atom now has a free IDE version https://ide.atom.io/ and VS Code can get enough plugins to do most of what Jetbrains does, besides database management.
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    @irene Ah I was considering business licensing. Even still, why should something that costs so much be missing so many things you can do in the free competition.

    If Jetbrains would just actually listen to their users, that'd be great.
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    Wouldn't still say that they are really evenly matched.

    Plus paying the money, you might get lots of enterprise features which might not be needed for hobbyists. Also payed products generally have better support, since...well people wouldn't pay for those products otherwise.
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    @irene I mean VS code has a debugger, but Jetbrains debugger is like at least 10 times better. (For Python/Java)

    Also the Intellisense of Jetbrains is not even on the same scale as VS Code (haven't tested atom, but it seems about the same).
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    @irene it has a debugger via plugin..
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    @irene it has a builtin debugger, just the language support is via plugin..
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    @irene Its trying to get on the IDE track, but believe me, its failing. Jetbrains debugger. But boi the Intellisense is the worst..
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    @irene I meant VS Codes Intellisense. For example


    would only suggest words already found in the file and no type infering or anything, except for some standard types. for example a library class would usually not get completion on member methods.
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    Start an editor flame war in 2018. Nice troll :)
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    And then there’s me stuck in 2000 running neovim on my terminal and only being able to use monospaced fonts (not a problem usually, but when you need to use special unicode characters, it gets a little bit fck up)
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    @-vim- unicode in the source? filthy... also neovim is a nice texteditor, but still no ide. Maybe try Intellij with vim plugin? It even has support for a custom .ideavimrc
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    @gitreflog could just be Unicode glyphs in string literals
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    @Krokoklemme still.. i normally use \u or \x escapes.. in python you can even do \N{GLYPH NAME} which is a bit confusing at first, but actually is just a lookup. like i can do "Here is a cool emoji: \N{thumbsup}" and ill get the 👍 emoji and stuff like that(dont nail me on the name).
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    @gitreflog \x and \u gets a little messy if you're writing a full sentence ^^'

    And thanks for the hint, I never have and never will use Python though :P
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    For silly languages such as Javascript, a silly editor is sufficient. (just trolling...)

    Try managing a large Rust codebase with a Postgres database, or a few million lines of PHP with Blade templates, MySQL and VueJS modules, or 5 million lines of Python knotting together timeseries data...

    Can you jump from a Laravel route to the correct controller and onwards to the right view in VS Code? Can you autocomplete Postgres join statements deduced from foreign keys in a Rust file in Atom? Can you generate Haskell Type signatures, or validate hamlet templates?

    I liked Atom, and I like VS Code. They're great for some small/medium projects. They totally suck ass for more ambitious stuff.

    Jetbrains makes the best IDEs in my opinion. Not perfect at all, IDE's are heavy, bloated -- and not as open as I'd like.

    But when you need to run PHPUnit and Jest next to each other, write migrations for three database dialects... you don't need a DIY bicycle, you need a four wheel drive truck.
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    @bittersweet 👍

    On side note, I don't know about other editors but on sublime you can go to controller and function among files pretty easily 😁 but still it's indeed not an IDE.
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    First you should understand the difference between text editors and IDE
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    Dude honestly Jetbrains makes the best IDEs. Can't blame them for charging so much. Luckily I have a student subscription. Even when that's over, I wouldn't mind dishing out the 500 anually for an awesome outstanding product.
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    Netbeans.... free and awesome!
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    Intelij is by Jetbrains and as such worth every cent, I'd choose VIM or Emacs over Visual Studio Code any day
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    @linuxxx I thought nobody use netbeans on devRant 😁

    I prefer it more than eclipse or intelij. If sublime didn't appear I would probably be still using that. Or if I didn't become a PHP dev 🤔
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    @gitreflog My current nvim setup can be called an IDE, there’s code correction, auto-complete, etc. As for jetbrains, yes, sometimes it can be required for messy projects, but vim plugins can most of the time sastify your needs, with the ability to use external software. As for the custom .vimrc: shit, it’s shit compared to real vim, but still the best emulator I found yet
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    @-vim- vim is a text editor. even tho plugins can add a lot of funtionality, vim on its own is no ide. and the auto completion on my vim is *really* bad in comparison to intellij. maybe you havr a better plugin.
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    @gitreflog I personally use You complete me, which works wonderfully well. Only thing is managing imports, that’s a problem
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    @-vim- Ill try that :)
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