So I bought myself some computer glasses after feeling uncomfortable looking at a screen with "bare" eyes (I don't wear corrective glasses).

But the other day, I lost them.

I looked for them everywhere, under each grain of dust I could find. They were nowhere to be found.

Reluctantly, I bought new ones. They arrived today, I unpack them, test them, and then do some flat cleaning. I lift some envelope and...

My first pair was sitting there, innocently.

Fuck me.

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    Seriously, Murphy screwed mankind hard with that law. What was he thinking?
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    Were your glasses like
    "Who is that in your hand, are you cheating on me? We need to talk"
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    I've wanted to buy some that block blue light or at least keep my eyes from being fucked earlier than intended (also don't need corrective glasses) but when I've asked they say they don't have those, any you would recommend?
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    Gunners. They're pricy, but stylish and work well.
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    @JKyll ICE i have the LDLC LC-1 Protect ones (60% block) and my new pair are Gunnar Onyx (100% block)

    LDLC has the advantage of being "good looking" (like real glasses), while the Gunnar ones are slightly more stereotypically "gaming-like"

    LDLC is available in Europe though
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    why not just using f.lux and the like?
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    @BurnoutDV I don't trust software over hardware for that matter :D
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