Fuck today.

Today I was supposed to go into work and set up a dozen or so units for beta testing (its been a year and a half coming)..

Got up nice and early to get a head start on things. Stubbed (and broke) my motherfucking toe, then spilled my cereal milk on my laptop.. subsequently spend the following 2 hours tearing down and cleaning my poor little lappy. Get her all put back together, starting to feel a little better about the day. Push the power button, and fucking nothing but a tiny little fan noise for half a damn second.

With this luck I don't even want to move, lest a magic falling anvil decides to adorn my head..

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    I genuinely hope there was an ER trip in there somewhere if you have broken your toe.
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    @CrankyOldDev It's my pinky toe, and the first time I broke it(years ago) I did go to a doctor but they told me they dont do anything except tape it to another toe unless its a ~'big toe, or otherwise severe case'.

    So I taped it to the next toe..
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    Lesson #1: Write tests in time!

    Lesson #2: No flying food around laptop

    Lesson #3: Move that motherfucking Anti-Toe furniture out the way
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    I'm so sorry! RIP Lappy (maybe).
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    Hours of maticlous drinking and cleaning and my presous lappy toppy is back to health.. all's well that ends well
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    @matsaki95 y u do dis?
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    @matsaki95 haha y u do dis is a joke. Google it. Kind of like a rethorical question. The way it os written matters
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