I'm planning on writing an open source (and much improved) version of my logger, but I'm stuck on picking a name :<

So, anyone have naming suggestions for a tagged and branching/nesting logging library? (ES6)

(I don't think "deforestation" is a good choice. sounds kinda bad.)

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    @Root Lumberjack - Lumberjack is an open source library that does the heavy lifting on your logs. Don’t forget to try our side project “Sawmill” which cuts your data into just the bits you need, and throws out the sawdust!

    Tired of parsing through your own logs for just the error messages *you* want? Take the guesswork out of your data with Carpenter - our Data Analytics library that pulls the ‘lumber’ delivered by Lumberjack!

    Need to work with data in a cloud farm? How about Forester? Forester is just the tool to keep you out of the trees and looking at the big picture!
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    I have a problem. I can see the Canadian cartoon Lumberjack now.
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    @Diactoros lmao "lumberjack" was the same name suggested recently for @lxmcf engine iirc

    edit: yep haha here it is: https://devrant.com/rants/1798366/...
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    @JoshBent dammit I knew it was a good name haha, and ironically the editor is called sawmill ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    @root also why not call it beaver?

    Log + beaver = logical in my head
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    @Diactoros I love it so much!
    So much thought. 😊
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    @lxmcf Lumberjack as a logging tool is such a good name though! @Root Quick, snap up Forester before someone misuses it! You can tweak all the secondary library names to fit the “theme” of your original. Carpenter is a library name waiting to happen. It only needs a vague connection to what it actually does too - look at Docker. Just pick a strong single word name and let the theme happen organically. All the BIG open source libraries have single word slightly themed names.
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    Kenny Loggin' - for the Danger Zone puns
    Captain's Log
    Yule Log
    I very much second anything to do with Lumberjacks
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    The library builds nested/branched logs, though, so forestry makes more sense than lumberjack.

    I was expecting and hoping for some constructive sounding names as well!
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    MrLogger 😂
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    Suggestion: Sylvan
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    'Sextant', that'd be close to the nautical origin. - if you navigate in a forest maybe a 'compass' would also fit?
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    @phorkyas Very nice.
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    Coming up with a name is fun!
    Setting up webpack is not. ☹
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    @Root But isn't naming also one of the three hard problems in programming? (The other being cache invalidation, concurrency or closing devrant)
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    Sylvan is good. All kinds of magic/forest-y allusions.

    If you like the growth allusions how about these:
    Taproot (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...)
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    @Root also where’s the repo for your framework? I’m looking to get some more real development experience via open source. Tools that make Sysadmin life / logging / container or server management easier are my jam.
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    @Diactoros Just local for now.

    I haven't decided where to host it because I don't want to link my devRant and real life. But I also want credit for building it. 😕
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    @Root Smart, I understand. Maybe make a new Github/lab profile just for devRant sourcing stuff? Kind of a catch 22 at some point - privacy and credit do not go hand in hand.
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