Spotted this bus in Boston today. Completely ripped off the html5 logo.

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    This bus has already made an appearance at least two times before, here on devRant... 😂 Either the bus travels a lot, or you guys are close to each other
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    @P3t3r6 I must have missed it. It goes between Boston and New York I believe.
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    super bus is an interesting idea. The first ticket is sold for $1.00, and then the price increments for each ticket sold, until all seats are sold. You can go from Dallas to Houston for pretty cheap if you get one of the early tickets. I work for an airline though, so I just fly.
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    devRant's most famous bus
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    Ask the driver if he can make a free website for your startup.
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    Oh really? Cause it looks like you got the photo from here: http://superbusinc.com/fleet.html/...
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    @blackmarket I did a google image search as I couldn't take a photo driving on 95 passing it heading towards south station. I'll head down there tomorrow to get one from me
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