Honestly, I’ve been complaining a lot about the company I joined a few months ago and especially about the code base and I just have to say ...

With good fucking reason, look at this shit, every single *.js file of our Angular app is manually added inside the master page
Not even minimized what the actual fuckkkkkkkkkkk

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    Around 350 script tags in this master page and we have 8 master pages in total, all containing roughly the same amount of script tags
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    Load time over 10 seconds? 😂
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    😂 This is hilarious
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    I've seen a lot of fuck ups but that you have there is the largest performance fuckup I've seen :S
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    Why don't fix it?
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    what the actual fuck is that
    kill it
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    At least you got code divided in multiple files.
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    i read accountant, reporting, management.... man, i don't know what your webapp is doing, but normally users that fit those keywords understand one and only one thing: excel 😂
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    Web 2.0
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    What the actual fuck?!
    I thought our codebase was shit but this takes it all... I'm sorry for you 😂
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    My pulse just went up from seeing that, I think I have to lay down a bit.
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    @olback between 7 and 15 seconds depending on current traffic

    @geaz I’m trying but I have a lot of work and not that much time

    @vane Don’t get too excited, some files are hundreds of lines or over a thousand lines long

    @thatsnotnice Exactly, try making a usable UI/UX for people like that without a designer around to help

    @SauceBoss The screenshot is Web forms (C#) .. i know .. it’s terrible ...
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    @jelleken so it’s internal app, cool project
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    The time you spent writing that post you could have fixed the issue
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    Bundle it. Make everyone happy.
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    You know what makes me mad? People who look at such code and don't realize there's something wrong about it and that maybe something better can be done.

    I have barely used Angular, only done their introductory tutorial, and found it pretty neat btw.

    All I can say is Angular, as far as I experienced it, is one of the most well structured frameworks, and having a file that looks lile this surely is wrong... so WTF is wrong with these people?!
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