Why the fuck is 32 bit still a thing on modern windows? I'm trying to make a program that injects some CBT/Shell event handler code into all running applications and I have to do everything twice because the majority of my programs run in 32 bit mode and I can't inject my 64 bit dll... I hope that one day we will say goodbye to 32 bit for good. Fuck!

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    Compatibility with old hardware and software
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    Oh an this means that I have to build a separate injector for the 32 bit dll and communicate with it using pipes or some other shit.
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    Because x86 processors are still a thing.
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    Starting with 2036, 32bit is going to die
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    @filthyranter and most of us too by then if they don't solve this shitty design
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    They have tried, I think starting with windows 7 they were going to draw a line saying only 64 bit versions will be supported. The issues is so many businesses use software only written for 32 bit systems. So till that is resolved we will forever have to worry about 32 bit.
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