That moment when you wanted to see Big Ben since you were 8 and it's under renovations. 🤬😭

Man you guys don't pay as good as America but I'm seriously ready to say fuck it and try it out here for a few years.

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    Well, prepare to pay 15000 for a fucking room
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    I'll send you a photo when its done
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    Can't see Big Ben in this picture. (That's the Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben is the bell.)
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    It's quite an old post but I wanna say something. If you (maybe not you but the other dude who will read this) want to live in London you know that it is an expensive huge city with a lot of problems but architecture is great in the center. There are few ghetto districts and lots of immigrants from the middle east and Africa. If you have enough money or rich parents I would recommend you buy a house in Knightsbridge https://1newhomes.com/new-homes/... because it's one of the best districts in the whole London. By the way, don't forget about right-hand traffic.
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