Sometimes, I feel my school is a prison.
I'm sitting there, 8-10 hours per day, learnin' things I already know, and all I can do is sitting quiet to `don't disturb during the lesson`. I can't even use my laptop.
But, school also is nice in some ways, my principal allowed me to run a Hacktoberfest event in my school, make kinda radio in our school and make an app for our SmartTV (yep, we have a TV in school) to show weather, changes in lesson plans etc.
But still, I really feel this is the prison. One more year, and I'll finish this shit and go...to another school because `you need to graduate to do anything in your life`. Btw, do ya know any good ways how to become CTO or COO one day? Just asking. Greetings, I hate my school, have a nice day.

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    Yeah....make your own business :p
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    I know your feeling. As @CodeBane said, the best way is to start your own company. I still have to finish school, but I am already working on my future company
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    You could always check if your school accepts credits from online sources. That's how I passed high school in 2007. In one Weekend I made up enough credits to pass and walk. You could also look into programs like running start where you supplement high school classes for local community college classes. People who did that at my high school almost didn't show up senior year.
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    @CodeBane @DawidCyron yep, I also thought 'bout that, but I think, I need to finish engineering studies at first (and maybe be older than now, atm I'm only 16yo)
    Also, @Ximidar do you remember what online sources you've used? That would be helpful!
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    @RootPixl hmm why wait until you're older? What do you get with age that you don't have now?

    If you say experience, you're mistaken, real experience can't be measured in time. Don't let society make you think you have to be a certain place, or do a certain thing, or wait a certain time. Statistically speaking they might be true but nothing stopping you from being an outlier.

    It's better to find your idea while you're studying, it will give you a stronger purpose for the knowledge.
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    @CodeBane thanks for the advice.
    I need wait to be older, because I can't legally make a company, I'm not 18 yet.
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    Sounds like someone is discovering Foucault :-)
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