Have u built your own robo who makes coffee for u while you are coding?

0- yes! // u r cooooool!!!
1- no. // me 2 πŸ˜Έβ˜•

[If you answered yes, then comment how did you ]

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    Easy. Bought a coffe machine and combined arduino and wifi module to host a website and i access the website from my phone and it makes coffee. Sadly the trigger mechanism doesnt need 12V and i burnt it. Broke the only coffee machine i had
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    Coffee machine is already a robot. I press button - it makes me coffee. 🀷
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    @irene hmm I still have to push the water through manually
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    I did, but then when I sent a request to make coffee, it returned a 418.
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    I already had a plan to make a similar machine...
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    @Codex404 maybe we're talking about different machines. I meant an automatic espresso one. It only needs to be occasionally charged with water and beans.
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    At a company I worked for some years back we have had a coffee machine that you could sent an SMS message to with "coffee" and it would brew some. took about the amount of time that I needed to walk from my desk to the machine. Sadly I don't know, how my manager than did this. he was more the hardware frickeling kind of guy...
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    I would to build a coffee machine that automatically makes coffee after running the command `make coffee`
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    @felbit wow 🀯
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    @irene I was joking, manually pushing water through coffee? Even in the most primitive coffee make solutions the gravity will do th e work for you.

    But at home I have a fully automatic coffee maker I also call him dad sometimes.
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    @Codex404 eh, why dad? O.o
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    @irene I still live with my parents
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    @Codex404 oh! I got the joke πŸ˜‚
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    @Codex404 btw, for espresso gravity is not enough. You need a downward pressure also πŸ€”
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    no... but I hacked the coffee machine the only problem was that someone needed to put a coffee mug underneath the dispenser.... so inefficient
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