I can’t respect an architect that does not code or never has. Keep making pretty pictures...

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    I can’t respect a dev that doesn’t draw pretty pictures or takes the big picture into consideration.
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    I think you need both or had a background with both to be a successful architect but just my two cents.
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    @Aileron how dare you!

    All good I fixed it 😉
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    @C0D4 broke it again 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    "I can’t respect an architect that does not build houses or never has. Keep making pretty pictures..."
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    @techog Hmm people tend to get mysterious titles. Software architect obviously needs experience and deeper understanding of code but enterprise architect actually needs wider spectre and vision of business domains and analytical skills to perform well. Basically enterprise architect should know why and what to do , while software arcitect will tell how to actually do it. Figure it out which architect you are working with. PS: I think architect title is given in both cases too easily to uncompetent people on practice..
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    @hubiruchi imagine building a house without knowing how to keep it stable. You have to know something about building it...at least at a high level or it will fall apart. Design should involve an understanding of what you are building and how you will build it in order to properly evolve the architecture.
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