How should one go about avoiding reposting memes? Should you scroll through the meme/joke category for a certain amount of time or ignore repost blames altogether?

For the record I'm also against reposting but it just seems inevitable

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    Here’s 1 I prepared earlier

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    If you saw a joke on other popular site (Reddit, 9gag, etc.), do not repost. Because it will be definitely a copy of someone else's post with the exact same picture.
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    Fair enough 👍
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    Unless it's your own, or you modified some, it's a repost... Simple.
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    To add to what all the others said already, just don't post something you haven't made and all is good.

    I do believe that the "memes" category is only there to prevent people from posting shit in the others (not that efficient, but it's something). But in any case, this platform is not for memes.
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