Any good c++ or android project ideas

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    find it on Collab
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    code new facebook
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    Another Todo app
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    Interesting CPP projects:

    1. A file carving tool.
    2. A file shredding tool that deletes a file by removing it entirely by overwriting it's address space with random junk

    Maybe we can collab? Although I would prefer working in Rust
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    mash Termux and X server together?
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    Make a C++ app in Cinder that draws a Red Panda one hundred and one times
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    @desmondanimus The OP's name is redpanda101... He never asked for good ideas
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    @desmondanimus Oh wait, He did ask for good ideas...
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    @desmondanimus I know basic rust
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    @redpanda that's cool

    DesmondANIMUS is my GitHub username :)
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    @redpanda so for starters we can try making a tool that reads a disk image without mounting it.

    And then goes through all dirs and subdirs and all files checking file signature of each and if it matches say signature of an image then the tool copies it.

    How about it?

    The part where we are reading the disk image without mounting is what I haven't been able to wrap my mind around.

    Can't figure out how Autopsy and other tools do it.

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    implement the X500s infrastructure
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