Man, I'm a second week intern at a company, and the anxiety that I have is making me stupid. I literally lose all of my coding skills, stuff that I could do at home in 15 minutes takes hours at work.

Am I crazy, or will this go away.

( am a naturally stressed and anxious person, I know this is not good)

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    It will get better. Get to know your colleagues, concentrate on your tasks. It's okay to take a little longer.😊
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    Yeah dont worry. I’ve been at my company over 4 years and I am the same if I am stressed. Its just hard to focus on code when you are stressed or have things on your mind, such as the nerves of a new job. You’ll get used to it soon enough.
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    How come you're naturally stressed and anxious? Something bad ever happened? I sure hope not! Think of the worst thing that could happen. I don't know what that could be for you. For me it might be something like suddenly not feeling well and then dropping dead in the office. Oh well. I hope that'll never happen. I just want to say that you don't have any reason to be stressed or anxious. There is nothing really bad that could happen to you. Just do what you need to do and you'll be fine.
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    Same experience. Get to know other devs, you'll eventually see that they have their own flaws. I'm lucky I have really humble coworkers, It helped me make my impostor's disappear. Just don't stop focusing on improvement and get help when you're stuck.
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    @CodeMasterAlex oh no, I'm just a high tension person. Nothing tragic. Maybe a little hyper sensitive to corporate politics and stuff.
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    @balheru Fair enough :)
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