Number of screens is directly proportional to Productivity.

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    One ultrawide monitor == productivity
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    @CozyPlanes your productivity has a bigger cost my friend
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    @irene why would you say that
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    @vocuzi because several monitors cause context switching. One big enough monitor is more that enough unless you're a web designer so the second one will be constantly occupied with browser and the page you're writing (so, in the end, you're using actively only one of those).
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    One time I ask my manager to give us dual monitor. I gather all the facts about productivity in relation to number of monitors. But he said "no". Then one time I brought my own monitor to our office, and my dumb manager give me a stern warning not to bring an equipment not approved my our company. Good thing is I no longer work in that company.
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    Is there any peer reviewed science about that topic? Pixel density could be worth a look too.
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    There was a study done on this. Two monitors doubles productivity. Additional monitors after that have additional but diminishing returns.

    Still it never takes away from the impressive nature of having monitors every fucking where.
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    @cleancoder That guy sounds like an inside-out asshole.
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    @CodeMonkeyG @cleancoder Let's kill that manager using block chain and cloud computing and html
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    Dimnishing returns.
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    @irene and what about documentation or references on the project you re working on?
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    @ObiSwagKenobi I have this use case. Never needed a second monitor for that, though I have second one. 🤷
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    @lastNick Read it somewhere then tried it myself and felt my results reflect what I read. There are a lot of conflicting studies too. An online search pulls up a ton of shit articles that basically stop at "more monitor is more gooder"

    I suppose it all depends on the person using them and how they are used.
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    8 phones! I win
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