Asking Android developers: I want to learn how to make Android apps. I know a little bit of Java and thus kotlin too. Which resources do you guys recommend?

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    Developers.android.com is the ultimate in truth. And this guy is pretty good, too. http://vogella.com/tutorials/...
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    Thanks a lot @martygeek.
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    Not a tutorial, but a great place to visit after you learn something: awesome-android on GitHib
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    I honestly believe that you already know enough to start learning Android. If anyone asks you to learn all the APIs that Android uses, run far far away from that person. Experiment and break things. Spend nights on a very stupid bug. Teaches you a lot!
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    When I started learning Android development, I *cuff* bought myself some premade apps from Codecanyon and just fiddled around with their sourcecodes...
    Then watched a shitload of tutorials...
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