I read a lot about people complaining about their shitty jobs. Some of us actually have nice jobs, but could really need more coworkers.

Wouldn't it be nice if devRant had the possibility to post job offers? Of course, no recruiters allowed, just awesome job offers, so we can all work together on some nice projects.

PS: Could really need some help at work :-)

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    Okay, we have two stacks of job offers. The first one is filled with nice jobs. The second one are undefined jobs. And between them we put Maxwell's demon to decide which job to pop to the nice stack and which one to /dev/null? Could work!
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    unfortunatly, i fear, as soon as you implement that functionality veiled recruiters will show up, fake job offers and the like will come shortly after, i am very pessimistic when it comes to the job market. Its pure cancer, everyone lies
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    @BurnoutDV possibly a premium feature, and maybe age restrictions on account like, account must be 6 months old and “reasonably active” and you can only post a job once a month at the most. This would weed out the spammers, and the overflow of reposts from LinkedIn ect.
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