I hate filling out status reports, so I build a generator which collected all the data from the dev and ticket systems and formatted it so all I had to do was copy the output and then provide “management friendly” notes.

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    isn't it what we are devs for? simplifying tasks? i provide links in one of my sites so i built a scraper. i hate rewriting the same letters over and over again so i built a generator. i think lazyness is an aspect of our superpower 🙂
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    "Where are you on this task?"
    "How about you read the email I sent you 3 hours ago that explains it?"
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    @segfault0xff I have been know to reply to emails with only “see attached” and the email I sent before that explained your question the first time.
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    @bkwilliams I do that too, if it's a rough day and I'm busy
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