Instead of worrying about API rate limits I made my code manually parse the html from a website.

And the code still works great!

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    Wow OK then lol. that's one way to do it
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    @BobsterGaming sometimes it's the only viable option. Me and a friend of mine had to work with a website which didn't really have an API and another friend had to work with an API with limited queries so parsing the HTML was almost the only option on both cases.
    What would you suggest people do instead?
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    Wouldn’t that website also be going through the same API though? Or is it somehow not limited?
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    @devios1 you can go to the website as much as you want. It's a train travel planning website. If that gets blocked after a few calls then no-one would be able to use it for the rest of the day. The API was for doing queries you could also do by hand on the website.
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