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    alias update="sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt dist-upgrade && sudo apt autoremove"
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    alias apt-diff='sudo apt list --upgradable'
    alias apt-fetch='sudo apt update'
    alias apt-pull='sudo apt upgrade'
    alias apt-sYu='apt-fetch && apt-pull -y'
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    On Arch I use:
    Alias pac='sudo pacman -S'

    Ain't nobody got the time.
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    Just login as root and problem is solved lol
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    @KalmyK I wouldn't recommend it. 🙂
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    @Root hey Root what's your login info. I'll just use your account to run my package transactions so I don't have to use sudo 😂
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    @ScribeOfGoD same but there's a clean all in there too
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