You know what is at least equally hard as naming variables?

Finding fitting icons to button actions!

With some icons you rather confuse your users compared to using no icon at all.
Others may fit the button text but not the context in your use case.

And there are so many icon sets out there that you need to search for something and hope that you stumble upon a good one.

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    That's why I liked Windows Phone 8's UI so much:

    The UI was consistent across all apps and you could show a label for each button and additional options with just a short swipe.
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    I'm happy to hear that from you. Unfortunately a lot of DEVS ignore the UX at all and just throw there some dumass icons.
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    The worst is when you find all your icons except one, and you find that one in another icon set, and no set that fits your ux theme has everything you need 😣

    Disjoint set problems can be really annoying irl
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    i like flutter, it has icons that work with android and iphone styles, and has so many

    i don't know what kind of apps you're making, but if you ever need a pregnancy icon, flutter has it!
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    @calmyourtities Hmm, cool. Now I do not need to use that "new messages" icon anymore. Instead, the inbox is pregnant now :D
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