It’s the last week of “Theory of computation” and now I’m thinking why the hell would I enroll in an 8am lab.

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    One of the ideas with 8AM labs is to make students familiar with the idea of getting up before noon because that's a relevant job skill. :-)
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    How long is the lab?
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    @Fast-Nop That's what 9 am classes are for 😂

    8 AMs are a whole different level of painful to wake up for. Sounds ridiculous, is the truth.
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    @Stuxnet in my 8AM lectures, I had to take the train which departed at 7AM. But I had 15 minutes to the station via bicycle, and getting dressed and a coffee so that I had to get up at 6:15AM.

    But that was ok-ish because before studies, there was the technical internship where shit started at 7AM, but that was one hour away so I had to leave at 6AM, which meant getting up at 5:30AM.

    On the other hand, that was in the previous century where such human rights violations were considered as normal part of life. ;-)
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    @Fast-Nop I wake up at 6:45 everyday.... 90% of the time I sleep until 8:00 when I have to get up for sure to make it to the bus on time.
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    I'd take that over the 19-22:00 labs I used to have.
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    @Stuxnet 2hrs :’(
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    @lunawolf ours are 3 lol

    But CS doesn't have labs here, I do believe.

    @spongessuck Try 20 to 22 lol one of my friends had one then
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    @Stuxnet Yeah ours are either 2 or 3 dependent on the unit.
    I don’t mind the lab and sometimes 8am is fine
    But just in the last week kinda kills my brain
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    @lunawolf Oh I know. My uni was closed for several weeks due to the hurricane that hit the states a month or so ago, so we're having to cram everything into a shortened semester.

    I had 4 fucking exams in 3 days. I nearly jumped off a bridge with all the homework that was due at the same time lol

    I hate my chemistry lab. Fuck chemistry.
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    Theory of Computation is 💖
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