That thing, when you hear "the server room is dead, no-one can work today" across the office...

What? What's a server room? It's 2018. No cloud? :face_palm::skin-tone-4:

**[realises may have made a mistake in taking the job]**


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    What do you think these so called clouds are huh
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    Ah, the cloud, that would mean the statement changes from "the server room is dead" to "the Internet is dead", but nothing else really changes.
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    There are companies who actually have valuable data that they don't want to store somewhere on the internet where NSA is doing industrial espionage.
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    Could be much cheaper to host in-house and usually is just as reliable. Depends on company size.
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    haha, what a fucking stupid rant.

    Yes, should'nt have accepted this job because you are to fucking dumb.
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    Which skin tone is 'skin tone 4'?
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