As a computer scientist I lie sometimes about my mojor to avoid any question related to computers...

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    Well you can answer what is mouse, keyboard and monitor etc
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    @noms89 that s true but sometimes people expect me to be like a computer god. For example: the computer is giving me a message saying this and that... my respond would normally be mmm i ll have to see that ( simply so i can google it properly)
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    @Med-Hachem lol.. that's cool 😁
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    @Med-Hachem soon people will start asking if you can hack a google or a Facebook id for me 😋😋
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    @noms89 HAHAHAHAH true af
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    @Med-Hachem "My gUrLFranD iS CheAtInG, cAnZ U HaX hER fB? ThOnKZ xoxo" /s

    Sorry not sorry 😂
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    being a computer scientist really just means you can sort a pack of cards really efficiently. in theory, anyway.
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    Even though I've been in the industry for 15 years now I usually try to convince people who I don't know that I know nothing about computers.

    Or if they find out I'll say I 'work on backend systems all say, you know those ones that are just text. I know nothing about desktops / consumer computers.'
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