Have a question about my career:

So far my career out of uni has been like this:

8 months in first place working as C# .NET dev, creating native desktop apps for windows. job was shitty, was not getting any best practices skills so I left.

12 months in 2nd place working as android dev in a startup. was working all alone and had to rebuilt my app up to 5-6 times to learn best practices. startup didnt care about android app at all so I left and now doing just some small freelance work for them.

3 months in new startup as android dev.Today I was told that its decided to focus on iOS and do all marketing (also uplift of new design) only on iOS. basically for next 3-4 months they don't plan to do much on android side. they saw that I showed some interest in backend and now they are asking me to talk with two other senior guys about starting with some small tasks for me on backend.

Our backend is mainly using python. Also backend guys will be pretty busy for next few months because they will have to deliver many new features in next few upcoming months. I've talked with one of them and he said that this is a bad idea to force frontend to start working on backend. However I feel that he's sort of gateekeping and probably just doesn't want to help me with getting up to speed.

In my defense, my knowledge doesn't end with C# .NET desktop apps and native mobile apps for android.

I have hobbie projects (gameservers) where I worked on websites (php,html,css,javascript,mysql) and also was taking care of a java based gameserver which is hosted in a linux vps.

Also I've had a small hosting "company" where with available tools I've managed to automate VPS(virtual private server) ordering, web hosting ordering and domain ordering. Basically I owned a dedicated server and did everything using whmcs, cpanel and proxmox virtualization.

I trust myself in learning this backend stuff and doing whats required, however I learned everything by myself and I won't follow all of these best practices.

Should I accept more responsibility on backend or should I continue focusing on android?

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    Being told that front end people shouldn't do back end stuff is idiotic. As far as your question goes, you seem like someone who has a tremendous amount of drive. Do whatever you feel will serve you best to improve your skill set if that's what you're after. Do what you feel you will enjoy most. Don't let people keep you in a box.
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    @duckWit you confirmed my doubts. Apparently some people (especially the ones who spent 10 years in the industry) really like to gatekeep their jobs....
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    Three words: Keep your way.
    Take a look at Backend. If you do not like it you have the other side as well.

    If the possibility is given and you have interest in it - then it is all good.

    At least that is what i think
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    What do you like doing? Do that.
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    To me this sounds like the choice between quitting and Python. If you like Java or especially Kotlin on Android, please stay the fuck away from Python.

    Otherwise: take any chance to learn more and new stuff. Having a front end engineer on the back end team can be valuable. You can also learn valuable new skills and gain good experience. Just try it, set goals and a coarse path and have a plan B.

    But please, Python 😂😂😂 think twice if you think that's a skill you want to add to your portfolio.
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    @zemaitis duck typing / weak type system. It's fine for small projects, but it's just not logical for systems that process lots of information to have such a weak system in between.

    Python is great, don't get me wrong, but there's a reason languages like Java are still huge. Simply because they are not bad choices. I'm not saying they're very good either, but I say they're better.
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