It time, when the old fat HiPPO in the tech team guns for Flash against HTML5 😕

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    They want to implement Flash?
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    what? o_O no way!

    show him this
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    Just happened this at work, HiPPO thought flash provides security for images. :(
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    Security? Flash!?
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    Recommending Flash over HTML5 should now be a fire-able offense.
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    for what exactly?
    I know cases where html5 is not yet ready to battle flash.

    For example streaming real time video and viewing real time video.

    With flash you can publish a stream with 100kbps bitrate on 320x240 with h264. Is really a good solution for slow internet connections.

    In chrome with Webrtc you start at 300kbps with VP8 320x240.

    And there are almost no differences on image quality.

    If you want to view real time video, with htlm5 you got only HLS or DASH with minimal 6 seconds delay (buffering the chunks). And the problem with HLS or DASH is that you receive keyframes every frame. So its really innefficient.
    If you want to see with WebRTC It doesnt scale with a lots of viewers because the streamer has to make a p2p connection with each client.

    In flash: minimum 2 seconds with RTMP and you can scale with repeaters with no problems at all.

    It really depends.

    On the other hand: Video on demand flash is dead. HLS or DASH with haproxy to cache the chunks is very optimal.
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