This one’s both cute & funny

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    Aww 🥰😻
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    git add node_modules
    git commit -m 'just boosting my self esteem, pls ignore'
    git push origin branch
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    @lucaspar whoa whoa stop it right there. Now your self esteem is larger than everbody, i hope you are happy.
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    @illegaldisease you bet I'm happy, I'm the best.
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    Personally I go for number of commits. Many of my colleagues still work on projects that use Subversion, so they tend to commit on bigger chunks than my Git-derived habits. I'm therefore nearly always the clear winner in number of commits. Beanstalk also encourages this by showing a league table of top committers each week.
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    @matthewbdaly as long as all the messages aren't "fixed bug" and/or "more work" that's fine
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