Dear YouTube tutorial makers, if you list your video as a tutorial doing something only to make people download a library of framework and then teach us how to use the library you can go fuck a cactus :-3

Every single video that interests me like building interpreters, new 2D game methods and the like all have no actual ground up programming at all... Ugh!

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    "hii franz, todey ai'll show u hoow tu einstall $framework"
    That's how you know that it'll be quality content :v
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    @Condor hit the nail on the head
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    @irene mast cartenley! :v
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    @Condor uour kamputer having virrrrrrrus
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    @lxmcf there's a book called the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, one of the legendary CS textbooks. I've recommended it on devRant before, lel, I seem to post about this book quite often.

    It's in Lisp/Scheme but that's super easy to pick up, and it teaches you how to build stuff like a logic programming system, basics of interpretation, and compilers. Great book, also available for free online.
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    @RememberMe oh thanks!

    You probably recommended it to me already but I forgot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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