My phone fell down for the thousandth time and i thought it was okay as it usually has been in previous attempts at suicide.

Pressed power button ...
Screen turned on showing lock screen...
Touched back key .... phone vibrated....
Hmmm... It's okay. Didn't try unlocking screen...

Received a call later on....
Swiped to pick up call.... Nothing moved...
Turned the screen off. Turned it on again. Tried opening screen lock. Again nothing moved...

Got an OTG and plugged a mouse into phone.
Cursor moves.

Alas... My Phone's Touch Unit is DEAD :/

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    Good luck finding good 3rd party repair centre!

    (Unless you want your data to be wiped and pay >1000$$$ for logic board replacement)
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    I have a friend who's very good at hardware repair and loves to do this.
    This isn't a big job. Just an LCD repair or replacement. There's another possibility of IC damage but that can be replaced too.
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    Maybe its just a disconnected cable that they will charge you to replace the whole module... Be careful...
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    I had this happen to me, the touch comes back at times, but it's not a problem with the screen. I've had it repaired thrice and still and issue, maybe some circuit is not connecting properly inside... Hope that's not the case for you!
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    well to be sure of that I had already disassembled it and checked connectors.
    Nope! It isn't a connector issue. Touch is gone for real
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    I don't have any meter to check circuit path right now or whether IC is functioning properly.
    I hope it isn't the case or things will get bad and board will have to bear a lot of heat gun fire.
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    The touch unit is usually called the screen.
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