lol no job for you

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    Why didn't I get this?
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    @GurpreetSK95 That's because after Windows 8 comes Window 10. He was expecting number 10 after 8, not 9 :)
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    @extery Oh God🙈😅😂😂😂😂
    I should have got that
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    The (uncomfirmed) reason is because of many leagacy programs. They checked the first number in the OS name then it assumes it was win95 or win98.
    bool isOldWin = os.version.startsWith(9).

    So for the same reason there will probably be no win20 (because of win2000)
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    @mattiasfestin well, I know a pack of real software that does that
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    He cpuld havesaved it by saying "Hasta la vista. I'll get some XP for the next Millennium."
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