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    Boy what if I tell you every OS can be attacked by viruses.
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    Yeah, given the market share of desktop Linux, not even malware authors can be bothered to care.
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    How about Android, boi?
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    @Mariasheq you might be delighted to know that android is a linux based OS.
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    @bhimanshukalra aNdRoId iS a LiNuX bASeD oS
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    @kenogo haha yeah, it's like saying that people that live in the city are better swimmers than those that live near the coast because less people drown in a year.
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    @kenogo Exactly hacking linux machines is actually much simpler, once I get a terminal, I'm at home, walking around, eating cake, having fun 😂. Windows machines are also not difficult technically, but vulnerabilities have to be found using third party software or vulnerability reports etc.
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