Margin-left: 50px 😂

Credit: devHumor

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    Delhi metro?
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    I suspect Photoshop. There's no way an engineering firm would be able to get away with that.

    If they did, well, lol. Guess civil engineers can be like us software guys sometimes.
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    Ive seen this irl.
    They replaced the highway bridge where I live by sliding part of the old bridge off and the new part in from the side. It looked exactly like this when they were halfway through.
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    When back-end developer tries front-end for the first time
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    Would it not be margin-right: 50px;
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    @ssync it's the same thing. You're doing it for the highway, we're doing it for the support lol
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    @ssync depend on where you put the css class/id
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    @Bl4ck0u7 if you were driving on it you wouldn't ever know
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    Sorry for my ignorance, almost never did CSS, isn't it margin right?
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    OMG. Is this real? Oo
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