Anyone have any recommendations for a graphic drawing tablet available in the UK for a beginner (and so not super expensive!)?

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    I don’t know what you count as exspensive, but waicom tablets are generally a good goto.
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    I have an xp pen g430s it's not that expensive but it's nice
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    I think Wacom Intuos are not that expensive and pretty solid. Well, they're definitely cheaper than the ones with builtin screen at least(you don't really need the screen, you get used to it pretty quickly).

    Otherwise the Bamboo series is a bit cheaper but also smaller if I remember correctly.
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    Thanks guys.. probably no more than £70/£80 as I’m just starting out so I don’t need anything super flashy.. are the ones with the screens better?
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    @Tayza The ones with screen cost usually 300-400 bucks or more, and in my opinion it's a waste of money unless you're making money with it.

    Some people who tried both actually prefer the ones without screen, so I'd say it's a good start(and for me it was more intuitive than I expected).
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