I think I've finally realized something:
my boss does not actually listen to me.

Quite often during out weekly conference calls, he asks me questions about things I had just covered. I always assumed he couldn't hear because a) i'm rather quiet, and b) freeconferencecall.com bloody sucks.

But it happens for written things, too. I type an update on something in Slack, and an hour later he asks me for an update on it. I always assumed (likely correctly) that he has nearly zero reading comprehension. He writes like a 5th grader and only remembers a few nouns and one verb from anything he reads. But I swear he actively skips reading anything I write.

Now, however, I have frigign' proof that he ignores me. We have both been trying to get ahold of {Clover contractor} via email for months. We have gotten three replies, but twice scheduling prevented setting up a meeting, and once I simply missed the email amongst the flood of log spam I haven't been allowed to address.

I have asked the boss multiple times for the guy's phone number -- in emails, in Slack, and in front of everyone during our weekly conference calls -- and he has totally ignored me every. single. time.

Here's a transcript of my seventh(!) attempt:

Boss [2:13 PM]
Have you and {Clover contractor} met yet? If not make it happen. Stop letting it not happen. GIve specific dates and times. {Clover contractor} let's talk Tuesday 2pm or Wednesday 4pm which works better for you.

Root [2:14 PM]
For the seventh and last time, give me his phone number.
Getting ahold of him via email has not worked.

Boss [2:14 PM]
I am sendning one more, from that I want you to make the meeting happen asap.

Root [2:14 PM]
if i call him, setting up a meeting will be _easy_
Give me his phone number and I will handle this.

It is now 3:00pm and I haven't gotten a response.

Either he doesn't want it to happen, wants me to fail for some reason, or he's totally fucking oblivious. Yet ofc it's me who earns all of the blame when this meeting doesn't happen, and I'm likely to get yelled at in front of everyone, fucking again.

I'm really beginning to hate this guy.

I can't wait to walk out on him and watch the company come crashing down in my absence. It'll be sad to watch, but bloody hell does he deserve it for his arrogant incompetence.

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    Dude sounds like Trump

    edit: "Stop letting it not happen", I love it
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    Find out what is ur severance pay. If none find another job else ignore him too.

    Get other places lined up. Option A, B, C,....Z

    Hr is never on ur side.
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    Okay I read more of your post. Took me a while. LOL Clover sounds like a dogs name.

    Yes update ur resume like tonight. Talk to lot of pple next week. Get screening calls all lined up.

    But again find out in secrecy what is their severance package. Over 2 months ? Great!

    Less than a month you got ur work cut out for u.

    Get ur skills sharpened. Talk to urself as if in a interview.

    Get cracking coding interview book. Go on hacker rank or leet code or some. Spend ur valuable time on u.
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    @DarkVoyager You should read my other rants :p

    But to reply to your comment: Severence is very doubtful. I don't even think the company is solvent (meaning it doesn't have a positive cashflow), and employs five people, plus a few on retainer (lawyer, accountant).

    My contract states I receive both a 5% raise (minimum) and stock after a year; it's been over that, and I haven't heard anything. I stopped caring; I'm leaving.

    As I'm basically carrying the company, it's likely to die when I leave. oh well :/
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    @Root is your boss the owner? Otherwise, go above his head.

    As far as him yelling at you? Put him in his place. Talk firmly but politely not to ever talk to you again like that.
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    Why should you get into trouble for the incompetence of someone else? Considering that these are written messages in mails and Slack, just put it out there for the whole company to see - black on white - if he ever dares to blame you. Power relationships aren't just a matter of who's the boss of whom, it's also a matter of who's root on the server called real life ;)
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    @BakerMcBaker Yep, he's the owner. Also, he's a super extrovert and very skilled in talking; I'm about the polar opposite. If I say anything, suddenly I'm guilty of everything else. (Written? Our skills are reversed.)

    @Condor I will if he starts yelling at me again. I'm so mentally checked out and just don't care what he thinks, if he threatens to fire me (I'd just laugh), etc. If he flips out on me again, I'll just hang up on him.
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    @rsync 12 hour days? That's insane!
    Then again I work 10-12 every day 😕

    But yeah, our two bosses sound pretty similar. I'd put up with more if I was paid what I'm worth. But instead I'm paid just enough to survive, and given lots of empty promises. And yelled at for trivialities.

    Also, as a somewhat related story, my boss had everyone read "Winning with Accountability" -- a terrible book, for sure, but he says he lives by it. Hilariously, he failed to ever set up the "Accountability meeting" where we were to discuss and apply it. He's been anything but accountable since, except maybe to his precious sales leads.

    I've hated people considerably more, but he's working his way up the list.
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    @Root If you are in bangalore, we might help you. We are looking for an android dev and a node/react dev. If you're interested, we will need to find a way to communicate. I don't want to expose my or your personal contact here.
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    @sauronjs Nope, not in Bangalore. I live in the states.
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    @Root Okay.

    All I can say good luck then :)
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    The last three times my boss has sent me a message on Slack (since Oct 9th), he asked a question / made a demand, and completely ignored all of my responses.

    Today he asked me a question, said something super-urgent needed to be fixed by today (at 7:30pm...), and then immediately logged off. Like, within a second. I answered, asked some questions, blah blah. It's been two hours now and I still haven't gotten a response. and I doubt I will until morning, if ever.

    But like, the thing in question is literally working right now? So. Totally the easiest fix ever.

    Boss is still a douchecanoe, though.

    Totally can't wait to leave this sales circlejerkfest behind.

    It feels like I'm in this weird gay porn scene where a bunch of guys in fancy business suits are circle-jerking one other and ignoring the office girl in the middle, all the while groaning out things like "leads! ohhh," "so many conversions!" and "oh yeah, we're on fire"

    (@rutee07 will probably appreciate that last bit.)
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    Update: I got a text message at 10:30pm telling me to "look at Slack and email. Need this fixed ASAP before tomorrow."

    I asked him why he didn't check Slack and email first because I already told him in both places that it works. I recapped that it works for me and for others, and that there's nothing to fix.

    "Gotcha. Thanks." He responded.

    I guess he finally got the message? ugh.

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    Looks like I'm gonna need a transfusion
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