Currently, a classmate and I are working on our technical thesis.
It is all about industry 4.0, IIoT, big data and stuff.
This week, we presented our interim results to our supervisor. He is very pleased with our work and made the following suggestion:
He thinks it would be awesome to publish our work on our own GitHub repository and make it open source because he is convinced that this thesis is able to kind of "set a new standard" in some specific fields of using big data analysis in production processes.

I guess I'm kind of proud :)

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    Good job, could you post a link when you do it ?
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    It will take another 6 months to finish it and i dont even have a clue how long it would take to put it on github in a good way. But IF THIS REALLY HAPPENS (...) i will share it with you guys!
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    @borderless please do! Sounds like an awesome project 📌
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