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    Absolutely noooooooooooooot, nooooooooooooo 😭😭
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    Fuck this world. I’m out.
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    Bye bye coreos and open shift
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    Fuck off IBM.

    You already have offices in Raleigh, don't fucking take RedHat too.
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    better IBM than Oracle
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    Ibm is the like the closed source apache foundation, everything that ends up there goes down the drain (or vice versa?)

    I never undeestood how they manage to still exist....
    I remember rational rose ... a 20gb fucking slow eclipse that wasnt even able to print the fucking uml diagrams... 😒
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    Fuck no...
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    @mojo2012 Allright, what products/brands/companies has IBM killed?

    I'm honestly asking as I do not recall any fuss of this kind. Ora -- yeah, they've slayed lots of good products. But IBM?
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    hold on, what is donald trump's cousin doing there?
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    Here's a thought.
    In the time it takes IBM to ruin everything about RedHat (assuming they actually do change anything) You can migrate your machines to CentOS.

    *Braces for a fight*
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    @CodeMonkeyG CentOS is closely dependent on RedHat development and source code - if they close that migration to CentOS will not be an option.

    Having said that, CentOS is not the only distro out there and hopefully there will remain at least one free/independent operating system...
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    @vane OpenShift has a solid roadmap partly because of the CoreOS acquisition. In context, IBM is likely wanting to buy into this space because of the future potential already mapped out, not barge in and wreck it. *crosses fingers*
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    @ojaj problem is that companies like that are not road maps, stock charts or money but developers that contribute to products. When they stop product dies.
    The larger the product the harder is to start contribute to its core.

    First question is if those developers want to be called IBM ?

    Time will say.
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    This just appeared on my feed 27 days later :{
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