tell me..?
if i am NOT doin any proj and i am just learning and solving problems on competitive websites like codechef , hackerank etc.
is it a bad thing ?
or should i just continue learning this way?

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    you are right this is the way my brother
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    you're basically just preparing for interviews.
    Nothing else :p
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    @FunniestClown yes and no !
    Yes these webstise helps u in interviews but more importantly it improve problem solving skills...
    "Nothing else!" really?
    I want to be a self taught dev so anything i learn from a book or from yt i go n practise problems related to the topic !
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    You should try some projects. A dev's life isn't just coming up with code that does what the dev's been told to implement.

    A project, if you try to do it the proper way, will help you learn stuff like using git (don't be "that guy that keeps on ruining the git tree"), designing modular code, making and using tests, using build systems (cmake, graddle...) and compilers, managing dependencies, making GUIs...

    Most of this stuff isn't even touched by typical code challenge sites, and all of these can make a big impact on your performance as a dev. The challenges are fun, and do help with problem solving, but don't let that be your only dev experience.

    What language(s) are you using ? 🙂
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    @syed1hassan yes.
    I did competitive coding for a year. it helped me during placements. It's basically any chosen laung+ ds+ algos. Nothing more.
    So even I started learning other stuff like web/database/networking recently.
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    @CptFox wow !
    That really answer my question .. Thank you ! I'll start with something !
    Well i am using c#.
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    @syed1hassan Oh C# brings back nice memories, my first real personal project was in C#.

    Well try to get familiar with WPF (unless they replaced it in the meantime?), being able to whip up a nice GUI can always help.

    One thing I forgot to mention from the previous comment was IO manipulation. Most coding sites only use the console input/output, but it's probably not the IO you'll use the most.
    Try to get familiar with UDP and TCP, as well as the APIs that allow you to use them, or you'll be lost it you try some low-level networking.
    For higher-level networking, get familiar with HTTP, for example, try having your uncaught exceptions sent over to a log server, that way you get some bare diagnostics.
    File IO is also important, but that shouldn't be too hard to get comfortable with.

    A lot of my current work is IO between diverse hardware, it's kinda weird that I forgot to mention it the first time 😄
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    @CptFox so much to learn ! <3
    on it !
    but after learning some more stuff through these websites cuz i still have alot to learn!
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    @Haxk20 escuse me?
    why ...
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    @boopboop i am on it !
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