My own language, hence my own parser.

Reinvented the regular expression before realizing it already existed (Google didn't exist at the time).

I'm a living reference for regular expressions since then.

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    How powerful is it then compared to regex? Can it be used in production?
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    @Cheeseus Well I wrote it when I was 16. Using C. I didn't know what "unit test" meant then, same thing for "memory leak".

    I'm pretty sure it is safe for use in production.
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    @react-guy regex was born under more or less the same conditions overnight. How bad could it be?
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    How old are you, exactly? 40+? 50+? Your code is either shitty as hell or awesome like space grade :)
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    Are you sure google didn't existed about 15 years ago? I remember using Lycos and Alta Vista but Google came in very quickly. Its around the same time. Google was born little before y2k.
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    @mt3o No, you're right, Google did exist, but not at today's scale. I wasn't easy to find that kind of specific information at the time.

    For instance, I did not know the name of the tech. That was really impairing then.
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