The effect of the scoring system is interesting.

On Facebook, where I usually spend most of my social media time, I have been training myself to NOT comment unless I really wanna engage, because I have an IRL habit of just talking shit just to hear myself speak that bleeds into my Facebook engagement, which is a character flaw I’m trying to change.

On here though, I will see something I wouldn’t normally respond to and I’ll comment cause I want those ++s.

BUT the quality of my comments on here are generally way “better” (more meaningful, usually kinder, etc) than my FB comments, obvi because I want those ++s and on Facebook I can be as dumb and mean as I want without having “consequences” aside from the obvious social consequences of people thinking I’m an asshole...but on here it kinda forces me to be more mindful of how I’m engaging with people

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    You blew my mind!!

    You have a really deep thinking
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    I wouldn't call dev rant bringing out one's whoring traits a positive thing but whatever floats your boat.
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    ++ for meta
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    Have an internet point
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    I guess it's not only the way the system is implemented that makes you want those ++s. I really think the community here is really good and really supportive. if course every rule has its exceptions. but for the most part the community here is f ing amazing.
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    @Admin-who yeah, I have my complaints, but overall this is a great space!
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    I'm not sure how to completely conceptualise ++'s. I know its an index to indictate the popularity and control visibility of rants but what does that mean for me?

    I think of ++'s as a metric to indicate how relatable a post is to the whole group at any point in time.
    There are dozens of secondary reasons to be ++'ed but I think the most important is how relatable it is.

    Edit: how relatable it is to the reader at that TIME.
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