"devRant has changed" "I'm so fed up with this site" "Its a bunch of hate and memes, it was so much better before"

A rebuttal.

devRant is approximately the same as it was when it was just a newborn. Remember the days of semicolon jokes being unironically funny?

Look at the top rants of all time, for fucks sake. #2 ever is:

"A different error message! Finally some progress!"

Posted three years ago. That's the second most upvoted rant in history (Remember, this was a "rant" because the joke/meme category didn't exist back then), it made it's way into the app store screenshots, and was a welcome post.

Now imagine that posted today. It would probably go over okay, in fairness, but it's certainly at risk of any number of pretentious pricks complaining about how this is "devRANT not 4chan" or how they had seen the joke before and it's a shitty repost.

And sure, the repost bullshit is fair. I'm not saying that all the reposts are good content. What I'm saying is devRant has always been full of reposts - they just weren't reposts in the early days. The quality of content is the same.

There's also the common misconception that your posts need to be directly related to tech to post on devRant. This is a myth propagated by 0 IQ heathens that don't read any further than the name of the application. Your posts can be anything that isn't prohibited, like porn, spam, and, importantly, politics (commonly overlooked rule)

"All the memes are just too much". Oh you poor fucking baby, let me pour you a healthy serving of pity juice. First of all, you can turn off the memes category, and while they will still find their way to your feed, the concentration will be much lower and it will once again be bearable for your pitiful, weak little soul. Do you seriously get annoyed that severely by shitty posts that you need to leave the app altogether, or do you just want the attention of being a "cool hipster that hates on xyz"?

"This place is just filled with hate! Why can't you just respect xyz technology, it isn't actually that bad!"

This is probably the most stupid fucking thing you could possibly ejaculate from your fingers into whatever device you are using to type. Welcome to devRant, we hate on shit. That's at our core. No, xyz technology ISN'T actually that bad, you're correct. But we're here to tear it apart because it probably has frustrated us in the past. I fucking hate JS because it was my first language and it confused the shit out of me. JS is a great language. But I still talk shit about it, and that's what we're here to do.

Like seriously, I know a lot of people post stuff they're proud of here, and then they're met with "Would be great if you didn't use xyz tech", and that hurts, but holy shit, this is devRant. If you're sensitive to criticism, or even just straight up being made fun of, don't post shit that you're proud of. You won't have a good time. It's just not what we do here.

Quick interlude before the conclusion, "My girlfriend dumped me after I named a class after her. She felt I treated her like an object." is also on the first page of all-time most popular posts.

In conclusion, devRant has not changed. Reposts have been a nuisance since day 0, and just because reposts look different these days doesn't mean the quality of content has decreased in any manner. The two main sources of your frustration are the volume of low-quality posts (Mind you, not the concentration of them, but the volume of them) and your own prejudices about the platform. You're looking back with rose-tinted glasses.

Here are some tips for a more enjoyable experience:

-Make sure you have the "Hide reposts" setting ENABLED in settings. Any posts marked as repost will be hidden in your feed, pulling down the concentration of low-quality posts.
-Keep to the algo sorting method. Obviously, algo is a bot, and there's still gonna be some shit content in there anyways, but if you're in recent, you are absolutely guaranteed to see low-quality posts. It's unfiltered.
-Keep in mind that what you consider a "quality" post is not what others consider a "quality" post. Just because you don't like memes doesn't mean memes are poor content. There are people here who have never seen the bobby tables comic. And they deserve the same experience we got when discovering dev humor.
-Don't be a prick. And if you cannot help yourself, leave. Ironically, you're making the site worse by complaining about how bad the site is. You can always come back if you aren't a prick anymore. And you can leave permanently if you choose as well.
-Downvote and move on. You're not doing anything but making yourself more aggravated by leaving a shitty comment about how shitty the shitty post is.
-Think critically. Obviously optional, and I know not many people like to use their brain when a phone is suspended between their hands, but if you want a better experience, remember to use your head and not to lose it.

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    Yay free pity juice ๐Ÿบ
    Oh my GAWD!!! free rose tinted glasses ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    where do I sign up!

    Ok now that I'm done with the shit post part, sorry couldn't resist let's get to the serious stuff.

    Now I'm not saying all Memes are bad, but when the same meme is repeated over and over again to simply attempt to farm updoots, and not necessarily the same meme but just the same overly used joke in another fashion, there are other acceptable platforms for this content which I'm sure we all (or most of us) visit for that content specifically, yea ok the occasional shit post / meme can work but there's a limit I'm sure we all hit before we are over it.

    I come here to be surrounded with other developers / programmers / enganeers ect. that actually have something to say and I can potentially learn or even give my knowledge back to and get insights into other fields beyond my own experiences, not just bombard the crap out of the feed with useless content( even with filters, hiding reposts and the like)

    Now that that's of my chest, I will happily say this is in no way a representation of the devRant community or part of, but a personal opinion of my own.

    Now back to my sad miserable life I shall return and downvote some more.
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    @iamavalos but I work with most of that list ๐Ÿคจ
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    @C0D4 Yeah, it's fair that you would dislike the shitty, upvote-farming content. I do too. But to say that this is a "new" thing is just false. And to say that it is detrimental to the user experience is also, in my opinion, a stretch.

    The way people complain about memes, they expect a stream of perfect content from the feed. The issue being this is a public site, and that expectation is ridiculous. Your own expectations do not make a site bad. (Not using the term "your" personally here, mind you)

    @iamavalos That isn't the problem of devRant.

    That's the point of devRant. It ain't devCircleJerk.
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    @iamavalos Then what are you doing here?
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    Great rant
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    @irene I argue that while algo can give poor content, recent is guaranteed to have consistently poor content.
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    @iamavalos the only thing I hate is haters
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    @Alice stating obvious things is a waste of time. Of course we like you
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    @irene haters gonna be hated
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    @norman70688 only the hating part of me
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    Semicolon jokes were never funny you fucking whore
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    @irene there are so few memes, that it's hardly worth stressing about. Apparently some people are compelled to read every little thing in their feed. Someone must be standing behind then with a gun to the head, "Read the effin' meme, or you will DIE!!!"
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    @rEaL-jAsE LoL 5
    Where is mr @Floydian?
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    @yoyotrix wait, for what?
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    Goodnight @Floydian
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    No politics! Shall we discuss article 13
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    @RemyRm I thought it was a bit ironic but I offer a lot of constructive information which validates the rant as more than just a complaint.
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    The people here are becoming rather intolerant.
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    @-red yes, and we don't need another SO. If that is what a person wants, then they should go and hang around on SO, or start a Reddit discussion.
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    Saving it for future References, would help teaching Newbies a lesson.
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