Best quote of the conference: If you are writing code without using TDD it's called developing if you are using TDD it's called engineering

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    ... and REPL driven development is exploration. :)
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    .... and copy & paste is gambling?
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    I don't get the joke 😐
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    @irene it was just someone trying to illustrate the importance of TDD
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    @DRBragg I don't understand why development is meant to be inferior to engineering.
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    @irene I wouldn't say inferior, just different. Like the difference between a contractor and structural engineer
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    @DRBragg so indeed inferior. 😐
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    @irene I guess that depends on your definition of inferior, I wouldn't trust a structural engineer to actually build a house
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    @DRBragg I don't understand the original still. Too subtle.
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    @irene I think the original is inaccurate in terms of being factual. It's just a joke try to convey the importance of TDD, at least to the speaker
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    @DRBragg I'm not convinced then 🤔
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    I can see why you might say this though.

    In a home project on my own time I might not be using TDD, but I am developing.

    Add in TDD and it becomes software engineering.
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    @felbit ... or prototyping
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    That's dumb.
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