Don't know if this has already been put up, but I got a good laugh from it

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    Haha I just saw this in my Reddit feed,I was about to post it
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    This is one of the only ways to get a huge amount of up votes on SO.
    Usually you’ll end up with negatives or 2-3 positives😂
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    @taigrr exactly where I found it. Lol.
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    The best is the last comment
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    So, what is the answer? I won t bother searching on Google because I know where ot will leade to. :P
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    @aldoblack exactly i was thinking about the same 🤣
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    @aldoblack apparently the answer is mainly big table and mysql sparingly.
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    @Ximidar cloud.google.com is basically NoSQL
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    I love nerd humour
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    That should be also an answer for Google queries regarding 'what an infinite loop is?'.
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    We have to get this devRant post to 331 votes!!
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    Recursive endless loop. Shit.
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    Bing. Jus sayin...
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    The question is flawed. It doesn't ask about any specific product or team. Various teams of Google uses various different databases. I have seen them using MySql, Cloud Datastore, BigTable, BigQuery, Cloud Spanner, HDFS, Cassandra and many other. That's just what I have seen or observed. If I work at Google and I use SQLServer or Oracle for a prototype, will you count this as Google using the database?
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    Perfection :)
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