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    Rly? I love .NET Core!
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    Classic ASP learning curve stops at the bottom.
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    @Synti I once saw a colleague working on ASP and I almost had a heart attack :S
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    @Synti can confirm
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    @gitpush i used to do it. Bro, they were paying me a fuckload of money for it. I still think it was one of the highest paying long term gigs i ever had. Changed places cuz it sucks using old technology that is already phased out and cuz i had no benefits.

    But the money? 45 an hour for legit using that for simple shit? Maaaaan
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    Oh yeah, old ASP (WebForms) is bullshit...
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    Currently at the denial stage I'd say 🤔
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    @AleCx04 45 an hour after taxes? :o
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