Guys.. i am currently pursuing BCA , and i am also learning web development with Html,css,js, jQuery,bootsrap. But i see the popularity of react nowadays.. So should i must learn react or first learn simple js or jQuery first as always?

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    @davenall thank you for your kind advice..
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    I would honestly just go for react and learn JS as you go. You will need JS anyways when writing React so better to kill two birds with one stone.
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    @davenall you mean every 3 seconds.

    @AurthurM like what davenall said, learn JS so that you can be better able to understand react/vue ...etc.
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    And abandon jQuery. It's absolete.
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    Build a project or two with vanilla js, then move on to React. Your js will strengthen while learning React and you can always go back and study js more in the future.
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    @Franboo yea i am in front end only.. will do back end later when i will be fully leraned about front end.. XD
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    @bratsbratsbrats yea.. you gave me a perfect idea... thanx ;p
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