Gonna switch permanently to Elementary OS from Win 10 for my personal laptop.

Change my mind!

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    Do as you wish. I don't care.
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    You know what. If it was ubuntu i would start the Arch talk here but well im not in the mood and well its linux. Good job and enjoy your fast PC.
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    Windows is still the most highly programmed for operating system. If you switch you may be missing out on numerous programs that could solve your problems. Also. Net besides that i got nothing.
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    You'll be switching to an open source system, awesome!
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    You will like it.
    You will love it.
    Then it will start to crap on you. Elementary always have something that makes me feel that it can't be my daily driver.
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    Why don't you evaluate the system for a few weeks in real life use case and see if it fits your requirements and then based on this empirical data make a decision for your self.
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    It's amazing for Linux first timers but then you'll realize that you can do more than that and you'll want to customize it even more, and then probably end up installing another distro. But good choice to start
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    @skprog you know that .NET works on Linux as well?
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    @Haxk20 Elementary is an Ubuntu based system 😐
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    @davenall truth. I just switched to it from Fedora and it was so easy to get my full setup working again.
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    @irene that was the joke.
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    @Haxk20 😐😐😐
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