I love how tutorials advocating against ORMs use examples with tables that are only 5 columns wide.

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    Or simple log in examples that are insecure as hell
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    @davenall exactly!! Show me a way you can reliably create insert and update statements by hand for 25 tables with some having as much as 20 columns. Oh and I'd like to see how you'd manage refactors too. I bet you'll eventually end up writing some code to map your objects to database tables... Wait a minute, did you just end up writing an ORM?!

    I get it, ORMs add a bit of overhead, but you know what? That slight performance hit isn't enough to cause me to spend a day doing something that could be done in an hour.

    The way people talk you'll swear ORMs are an anti-pattern. Jeeze!
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    I never really looked into it, but I'll bet an ORM produces better sql transactions and statements than I could.
    Especially with databases that provide a lot of specific functionality like a postgres.
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