New video card is arriving today.

I'm about literally counting minutes to the delivery time 😅

Since AMD develops native Linux drivers I thought this would be safe enough, let's see how that works out!

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    Which one did you get ? Im hopping something newer so you can use all the amdgpu features.
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    @davenall Have you ever tried to get an nvidia driver to run stable on linux? They don't make Linux drivers themselves as far as I'm aware (if they do, please point me to a download page!)
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    @Haxk20 Radeon 7750 :) (yes, six outputs)
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    @davenall simple. Nvidia open-source drivers are piece of shit. Intel gpu is basically unusable for power user and AMD well their open-source drivers are better then amdgpu-pro.
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    @linuxxx not the best gpu out there but i guess it will do its job.
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    @Haxk20 Well, I don't game or compile stuff, only need it for the screens ;)
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    @linuxxx well i compile and game a lot. Sometimes both at the same time. (Im fucking weird) so yeah. 77xx woudlnt cut it here for me. But im hapoy with my rx560x and ryzen 5 2500U
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    @davenall @linuxxx yup, they do have a proprietary binary blob that works admittedly fine when you don't fuck around with it too much. Installing it is pretty annoying though and it can be flaky at times especially with CUDA (personal experience).

    Recently switched to an AMD GPU and it's been pretty nice so far, didn't have to do any special fucking around.
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    @RememberMe The other great downside is NVIDIA proprietary binary blob cannot offer Optimus functionality. Nvidia has to be on the whole session, no matter what you do, and needs a logout at best to turn it off.
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    @Teabagging4Life hybrid graphics is a nightmare on Linux in general. I guess it'll take a while longer.

    @davenall yup. Personally I think Nvidia sees Linux only as a platform for GPU compute operations (for deep learning and scientific computing and stuff), so they don't put so much effort into their graphics drivers (once you get it up and running CUDA works pretty well).

    Now that AMD's putting efforts into GPU compute with their ROCm thing I'm glad to switch. Vega architecture is pretty great for scientific computing too.
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    @davenall Oh damn didn't know that, thanks! Proprietary isn't a problem for me in this case but it makes debugging so much harder and my nvidia-linux experiences have been terrible 😬
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    Actually had an issue with nouveau where it would fucking crash whenever I would hit any real GPU loads. Since then I've been on the (ew) proprietary Nvidia driver, but as soon as I possibly can I'm replacing it with an AMD card
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    @davenall Nvidia drivers are trash on Linux, especially when it's a hybrid (common in laptops apparently). My Acer Aspire ZC-700 is one of those hybrids too, and I've regretted purchasing it all the time. Because thanks to Acer and Nvidia alike loving to pass on that Microshaft, I can't run any Linux distributions on this turd. Once I was able to run Manjaro with Linux 4.7.6 on it, and compile a custom kernel from there for use with Arch. But over time I lost the config, and X doesn't like my secondary ultrawide display :/

    Essentially, if it isn't for CUDA-based CLI stuff like hash cracking or machine learning, by all means stick with AMD.
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    I have always used Nvidia and there has never been any problem. Please tell what kind of issues are you having? Btw I'm not using the opensource drivers.
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    @qwerty1337 I haven't had many issues with the system itself (Linux) while having the video card or the driver's but getting them to work with my system never really took of haha
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    On a completely unrelated side note, @qwerty1337 I noticed you were ALMOST at 1337 so I gave you a few votes and screenshot it for you
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    @infernalempress awesome! Thank you :D
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    @RememberMe Are AMD hybrid graphics bad too? I was considering switching to AMD for my next pc, to have better Linux support overall.
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    @Teabagging4Life haven't tried, my AMD setup is a desktop, not much need of hybrid graphics here.

    @davenall hey, that's just like mine! Though I use the dGPU for compute and it's always on.
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