Is there a stackoverflow alternative for life?

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    The bibble will tell you how is babby formed n also how 2 get(intoHeaven)

    (Seriously though, finding mentors has helped me a lot. Mostly through books and other media. A lot of smart people are unfortunately dead, but their ideas live on... Also, spiritual stuff. I know it don't work for everyone but finding Alan Watts' lectures on YouTube changed my life for the better, it has helped me through some tough times. Philosophy and spirituality can be practical if you avoid the trap of turning it into mental masturbation and instead integrate ideas that interest you into your everyday life.)
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    Try something if it works keep doing it. Lol of course thats how career criminals get started. Soo. Use your collective intelligence to make educated guesses. Also yahoo answers....
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    Yes and it is called Bhagavath Geetha, period!
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    Yes. A shotgun.
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    Stack exchange has a site for all sorts
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    Stack Exchange?
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