Hello everyone!I need to see some opinion you guys might have.

I'm a self-taught everything about Computer, I've been trying to learn to develop software and games for a while now, was able to gather some information in a bunch of directions, but never was able be able to ACTUALLY develop anything by myself without the help of a step by step guide. Which stop me from program things and not copy pasta. I know that i seem to like how C works, since it have less features that confuse me (IMO of course)

So my question is: What kind of small projects would you recommend me to do other than calculators to help me figure out how we actually program something?

PS: I know python, C, a little bit of C++ and C#.

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    Russian Roulette game
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    @freeme hmm good point, that should be fairly easy :). if i want to extend it, i have no experience with GUI, (or almost none) What do you recommend?
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    Been there 5-6 years ago aswel. If you have discord, can give you some suggestions..
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    @myss Oh that would be awesome and i would be very thankful! Yes i have a discord, once i get to my house i can give it to you, I don't see any kind of private message in here, but yeah, will do.

    I'm there often in the night though, depending of your schedule we might have to sort out when we both gonna be available.

    And everyone thank you, i will use every information as best as i can ^^
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    Speaking from experience: if you wanna do GUI/games, don't use C...

    It's gonna be one unmaintainable and needlessly verbose mess
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    Though i gotta admit that implementing certain OO concepts (such as inheritance and vtables) were easier to understand for me when i implemented then in C, but that's just my experience
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    @Krokoklemme Oh i see, yeah, for the maintainability i'm not sure, i know some people are very outspoken about how it can be done in C. For exemple Casey Muratori from the handmade hero series is doing MOSTLY in C. He is compiling in C++ and his code seem to be highly maintainable. But i'm no expert, in the real world i'm going to face some issues for sure, but it's also true for anything that i learn :P I try to be clean, but sometime, in my experience i have to face problem with a less "coding" approach and more logic. Which is what i'm trying to practice, because i feel like it's a thing that hold me back more that anything else. In the end, if it's in C or Java, if it work well, i would be happy. (i hate java btw but personal opinion, i have nothing against people that use it.)
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    @ilikeshred myss#9406
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    Google “beginner program ideas” and write them in whatever language you wanna use.


    When I first started I found the above website and made all the programs in c++ and then after in java which I was learning at the same time

    As you do these lil programs, you’ll be able to put the skills you learn to use doing bigger projects. You might wanna come up with some big project like a game or something that is a goal to work towards - figure out what you need to know in order to make it, and then as you keep learning by doing the little things you will slowly be learning how to implement the bigger project.
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    @baeovvulf Now i have a lot of work ideas, that's great, thanks

    @myss Added :P
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    Battleship game
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