Hi, this is my first rant!

I started working side by side on an AngularJS project with a javascript developer who has been with the company for almost two years now.
Today our Product Owner reported that he couldn't continue with his conformity tests because there were some blocking errors. Looking at the controller's code of the page he reported with errors I found this debugging nightmare

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    Which one came first, the heat death of the universe, or that code getting fixed?
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    He wrote it, let him take some responsibility too.
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    @Hubot-0x58 I wish I could this time, but he's assigned to help in another project for this week and I'm in a rush because this app is going to be released to the public for the first time next Monday.
    But next week we've a meeting with our boss to discuss next iteration and I'm going to raise the issue because this isn't the first time he commits something like this and doesn't test it
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    burn it before it spreads! also, welcome to DevRant, both of you! 🙃
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    @balenol It's not fixed yet but I can tell you that running that code for almost 15k registers made my entire notebook freeze for a couple of seconds
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